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This community is the LJ prescence of the Humid City site, created as a place more conducive to discussion than the main site. LJ, unlike many other digital forms of communication (forums, mailing lists, etc) has much more of a "sitting around the coffee shop/bar," feel to it. We hope that it will provide a good common area for discussion.

We have also launched Humid City on MySpace as a way of tying together the incredible amount of artists and musicians there as well as creating another networking/discussion group for those who utilize that service.

By adopting these three platforms we hope to be able to reach many more people and incite them to stay informed and hopefully get involved as we try to guide New Orleans into this strange new era.

YOU MUST read the below Guidelines and follow them.
Trust us, it'll keep you out of trouble.

Community Guidelines:
Easy and necessary guidelines for you to follow when posting. This is a large, high traffic community and these rules were designed to help build a better forum.

1: Posts MUST pertain to New Orleans or the surrounding areas. Events in Baton Rouge are acceptable. If it does not concern New Orleans in any way or you cannot satisfactorily explain why it concerns New Orleans, don't post it.

2: Posts containing ANY images or long posts MUST BE PUT BEHIND AN LJ-CUT. Small, medium, large images, it doesn't matter, they go behind an LJ-Cut. Textual posts that are 20 lines OR MORE also need to be cut. No questions, no arguments. Just do it.

2a: Most everyone likes or is indifferent to articles from nola.com or similar sites. If you do post an article it must be behind a cut. It's also wise to add your own commentary on it. If you felt it was important enough to post than you must have an opinion on the piece so share it with the rest of us!

3: NO selling. Please utilize our sister community, nola_classified to hawk your wares. This includes the personal selling of furniture, cars, concert tickets, etc.
Events are encouraged, such as art openings, band and promo nights, community meetings, etc. If you are uncertain, please ask Loki before you post.

4: DO NOT ask where the underaged can purchase alcohol or obtain fake IDs. Do not ask where you can obtain illegal substances, such as drugs. It will be deleted upon discovery and you may be banned from the community.

5: This is an adult community. Humid City does not believe in editing or censoring any members words, unless they violate #6 below.

6: Play nice! If you feel like you have been unnecessarily persecuted by a member or a Moderator, contact one of the other Moderators. However, you MUST have significant evidence to back up your claim. If you delete the derogatory posts another member makes to you, we cannot help you based purely on hearsay. Keep the posts intact and retain your e-mail notices. If you feel you cannot reach a resolution or at least a compromise with the moderators, then feel free to take it to the LiveJournal abuse team. We won't take it personally; that's what the abuse team is there for.

7: Do not disable comments when posting! Please do not use the disable comments option when making a post. This is an open forum community and it is not fair to post something that people can not respond to. The moderators are not responsible for member's remarks or flame wars but will step in when necessary.

8: Posts of a more *personal* nature belong under an LJ Cut. Everyone misses New Orleans, hates Katrina, loves Hubig Pies and king cakes, etc... Unless what you're posting can be considered beneficial to the community (ex. where Hubig Pies can be purchased, where to buy a really good king cake, etc...) than park it behind a cut.

9: Please browse the memories section and the yellow pages before posting here. If you are inquiring about where you can purchase a bike, get a haircut, etc...it is a good idea to check the memories section and consult the Yellow Pages before you post since we get a lot a repeat questions here. (Memories pages will go up as soon as the community has had enough traffic to generate them)

10: The moderators reserve the right to delete posts if they break/bend any of the abovementioned rules. We won't edit any posts, as it is not in our power to do so and we DO NOT support censorship, but if you step over the line more than a couple of times, expect your posts to be deleted. If you absolutely have to act like a jerk, we the moderators are not at all shy about banning you completely from the community, with the additional possibility (depending on the circumstances) of a report to the LiveJournal abuse team.
Can't find your answers here?
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Community rules copied with permission from neworleans, slightly modified by Loki for use here. Thanks rezu!